A Strategic Direction for Digital Health in Australia

The vision for Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy is:

Better health for all Australians enabled by safe, seamless, secure digital health services and technologies that provide a range of innovative, easy to use tools for both patients and providers.

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The following guiding principles have underpinned the development of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy:

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Putting users at the centre

The strategy has been developed to deliver on the needs of patients and health professionals as articulated in the national consultation process (and through ongoing user research). User needs and their context of use are placed at the centre of decision making, supporting improved prioritisation and user experience.

Ensuring privacy and security

Australians expect strong safeguards to ensure their health information is safe and secure, respected, and their rights protected. They expect that their health data is only used when necessary and with their consent. The strategic priorities consider security, privacy and protection of sensitive personal information, balanced with safe information sharing and maintaining consumer and clinician trust.

Fostering agile collaboration

The strategic priorities recognise that appropriate co-design and co-production methodologies are important for ensuring that digital health solutions developed for use in Australia meet the evolving needs of users and stakeholders.

Driving a culture of safety and quality

The safety and quality of digital health solutions and services are of critical importance. The strategy seeks to embed a systems approach to safety, quality and risk management throughout the design, development, implementation and use of digital health solutions and services.

Improving equity of access

Digital health solutions and services have the potential to empower and to address longstanding barriers to equity of access in healthcare. The Strategy is developed based on the principle that all Australians deserve to benefit from the opportunities presented by digital health, and strategic priorities are aimed at improving health system accessibility across the socio-economic spectrum.

Leveraging existing assets and capabilities

Australia is making significant advances in the delivery of digitally enabled health and care across Australia, through the development and operation of national digital health foundations. This strategy was developed with respect to existing assets and capabilities and aims to avoid duplication.

Judicious use of taxpayer money

Development of strategic activities is based on sound investment of funds to eliminate waste, deliver value for taxpayers, and ensure that investments are assessed on the basis of delivering the best health and care outcomes for all Australians.

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