Why have we asked for your feedback?

As we look towards the future of health and care, it is crucial to work in partnership with the public to capture the community's aspirations and make sure that they are reflected in our National Digital Health Strategy. The 'Your Health. Your Say' national conversation is about:

  • understanding what Australians want and expect from a modern healthcare system;
  • generating a positive and constructive discussion about how data and technology can be used to create happier and healthier lives; and
  • building a sense of common purpose among individuals, health providers, the technology sector and the science and research community.

The feedback obtained through this consultation period will help to identify new ways to deliver more effective and efficient health and care together, and guide the development of the National Digital Health Strategy.

What is the National Digital Health Strategy?

The National Digital Health Strategy will set out the priorities for national coordination and investment in the digital health solutions that will shape the future of our health system.

We have engaged with all areas of the community – including consumers, clinicians, healthcare providers, peak and advisory bodies, research and science, industry, and technology – to ensure the work we do is shaped around their needs, wants and aspirations.

What happens now that the consultation period has closed?

The 'Your health. Your say' consultation period closed on 31 January 2017, and the Agency is currently reviewing all feedback. Stay tuned for further updates on the findings of the national conversation and the development of the National Digital Health Strategy, which will be available here on the conversation website.

Although this consultation period has closed, this is only the beginning of the conversation. We will continue consulting the community in 2017, diving deeper into the key themes emerging from the national conversation, and focusing on developing data and technology solutions to address the issues most important to you.

How will you use my personal information?

Any personal information (which includes information or an opinion about an identified individual) you provide will be used by the Australian Digital Health Agency for the purpose of guiding the development of the National Digital Health Strategy. We may also, where required, use your personal information to contact you to seek further information with regard to your submission. Where you consent to having your name, and the name of the organisation which you represent, made public, we will disclose that information on our website.

For more information on the ways the Agency will handle your personal information, how you can access and seek correction of the information, how privacy complaints can be made and how the Agency deals with such complaints, please see the Privacy Policy.

Who is overseeing the consultation process?

The Australian Digital Health Agency is overseeing the consultation process.

The Agency is responsible for all national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. Our focus is on putting data and technology safely to work for patients, consumers and the healthcare professionals who look after them.

For more information about the Australian Digital Health Agency, please visit www.digitalhealth.gov.au.

Who can I send questions to about the consultation process?

If you have any questions in relation to the consultation, please email [email protected] or call the Australian Digital Health Agency Help Centre on 1300 901 001.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like more information about the development of the National Digital Health Strategy, please email [email protected] or call the Australian Digital Health Agency Help Centre on 1300 901 001.

We will also be regularly posting updates on our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/AuDigitalHealth.