The Australian Digital Health Agency, in collaboration with delivery partners and stakeholders, will work with the Emerald community to:

  • Connect all healthcare providers in Emerald to the national My Health Record system and train them on how to use it and how it will benefit the community
  • Run a digital literacy program for Emerald residents to empower them to take advantage of the benefits of digital health
  • Showcase Emerald as a model for building digital health Communities of Excellence that can be replicated across Australia

Delivering better health in Emerald, Qld

Who's involved

Communities of Excellence will be delivered and supported locally by the Emerald community. The initiative is being delivered in partnership with the following organisations: 

  • Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network
  • Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine
  • Allied Health Professions Australia
  • Central Highlands Regional Council
  • Queensland Government
  • Australian Library and Information Association

My Health Record connections

A key focus is to connect Emerald healthcare providers to the national My Health Record system and help people in Emerald make the best use of it.

"My Health Record is a key ingredient of quality and safe health care. With all your critical information in one place your care provider will be able to assist you to make better decisions about your health and wellbeing. The Communities of Excellence program will enable treating clinicians to coordinate and communicate in more timely and consistent ways to ensure that your health is a priority, and when you or your family  members are unwell that the whole team is working together to provide exceptional health services." 

Dr Ewen McPhee, Emerald Medical Group

Find out how Kendal is keeping connected through digital healthcare

Family is critical for Kendal, but so is her health. After relocating back to her hometown of Emerald to be closer to family – and hopefully raise one of her own – she’s using telehealth services and My Health Record to stay connected to her specialists. And it’s delivering great results. 

Learn more about My Health Record

Find out how people in Australia are already using My Health Record

Dr Ewen McPhee discusses improving health outcomes in Emerald on ABC Capricornia radio - Friday 6 March, 2020

Emerald events

There are several key events planned for Emerald.

Read about the upcoming events

Additional information

Primary healthcare providers: If you are a primary care healthcare provider (general practice, community pharmacy, private specialist practice, allied health, private pathology and diagnostic imaging or aged care) and are interested in finding out more about the Emerald Community of Excellence or about digital health technologies such as My Health Record, please contact [email protected]

Consumers: To find out more about the Emerald Communities of Excellence project, or to be involved, please contact your local Emerald support team [email protected]

Queensland Health providers: If you are a healthcare provider at Emerald Hospital, please contact [email protected]

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