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Collective Collaboration - Program Update, April 2020

The past month has been challenging as the COVID-19 pandemic places unprecedented demands on our public health system and on those involved in progressing the digitisation of maternal and child healthcare records. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have been involved for their commitment to the program.  While there have been some inevitable and understandable delays to testing our digital solutions with GPs and consumers, we have continued to make significant progress.

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Work Programs at a Glance

Learn more about our current work programs, activities and deliverables.

Children’s Program - Child’s Digital Health Record (CDHR) 0-4 years

This initiative is being run out of NSW and this part of the program focuses on the health check-ups for children from birth to 4 years old. This is a critical time in a child’s life and the Child Digital Health Record is designed to replace elements of the hard-copy Baby Book that parents receive soon after registration of a newborn, with parents being able to track and see their child’s health and development information using an app on their phone.  The standard Health Check Assessment completed by the GP or community and family nurse is recorded electronically, and the information stored in the Child Data Hub, which in turn is available on the App.

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Child Digital Health Record (CDHR) 5-14 years

The next step in the program is the design of the Child Digital Health Record (CDHR) 5 to 14 years initiative.  Central to this work being led by Northern Territory and Western Australia, is the discovery and scoping work that needs to be done to understand what data is important to collect in these years.  Part of this work involves extensive consumer and clinical surveys and the outcome of this work will guide the next steps, i.e. what data is required and what should we be collecting for this age group and how best to deliver a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

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Maternal Program - Digital Pregnancy Health Record (DPHR)

The Digital Pregnancy Health Record (DPHR) team in Queensland has selected key IT companies to help deliver the proof of concept. The trial version will demonstrate how data from a pregnant woman’s antenatal check-up with the GP will pass to the Child Data Hub and then onto the App on the expectant mother’s phone.

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Spotlight on bringing together all the data - harmonisation of the Baby Books and Pregnancy Cards

To create a national digital maternal and child health care record, we need to bring disparate pieces of clinical information into one central solution that is secure, consistent and as comprehensive as possible.

We know that one of the disadvantages of the current clinical records through pregnancy and early childhood is that records are captured across multiple paper and electronic systems, which can also vary across providers, and states and territories.

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