NSW starts trial of Child Digital Health Record

Entering a baby’s health records into a little blue book (in Queensland a little red book) has been a rite of motherhood for many years, but could be consigned to history with the launch of trials of a new Child Digital Health Record (CDHR) in NSW. Read more.

A mission to improve child health across Australia

Australia’s states and territories have joined forces in a ground-breaking, three-year exploration of how every child in Australia can have the option of a comprehensive digital health record from birth. Find out more.

Mums and dads help to shape National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative

Forging ahead with its mission to help make Australia the best place in the world to raise healthy children, and to be raised, the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative this month held a very successful first workshop for consumer representatives from across the nation. Read more.

Digital Baby Book Budget boost for parents

The 2018 Federal Budget allocated $5 million to the development of a Digital Baby Book, spearheaded by the National Children's Digital Health Collaborative. Read more. 

Article in the latest edition of the Health Advocate Magazine

An article in the latest Health Advocate (official magazine of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association) featuring the work of the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative. Download the pdf.

Media Release: A new national digital collaborative to improve child health

Australia’s states and territories have joined forces in a unique and transformative partnership that harnesses technology to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian children. Read more.

Children's health goes digital

20 December 2018: The Agency has partnered with eHealth NSW and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network to enhance children's care and empower families through digital health technologies. Read more.

Find out more about Australia's National Digital Health Strategy; Safe, seamless and secure: evolving health and care to meet the needs of modern Australia. Read more.

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