Better connections within digital systems

Currently, most digital health systems are unable to talk to each other. Information collected about a patient – for example in a hospital or a GP practice – often can’t be made available to others involved in a patient’s care.

The Interoperability Program seeks to connect patient information from multiple systems and sources to enhance clinical outcomes, improve healthcare delivery and improve patient experiences within the health system.

For example, 20% of Australians have a confirmed allergy. Hospital admissions for anaphylaxis have increased five-fold over the past 20 years, and drug allergy induced anaphylaxis deaths have increased by 300%. In clinical situations where a patient is deteriorating and requires immediate intervention, knowing whether a drug may cause life‐threatening anaphylaxis is vital.

The Better Connections: Your health, your say conversation aims to capture the expectations and priorities of a better-connected healthcare system. The outcome of these consultations will be a set of national standards that will provide a roadmap to industry partners and government for the future development and implementation of digital health technologies and system connectivity.

The Interoperability Program is a priority of the National Digital Health Strategy, which was approved in 2017 by all states and territories through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council.

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A national conversation to develop a blueprint for a more modern, digitally connected health system