Children’s Program - Child’s Digital Health Record (CDHR) 0-4 years

The Child Digital Health Record 0-4 (CDHR 0-4) initiative being run out of NSW has reached a significant milestone by being able to enrol GPs at Dubbo (in western NSW) and Seven Hills (in western Sydney) to conduct health checks on children aged 0 – 4 years. Mothers with babies and infants of that age are trialling the consumer app when they are about to have their child health check assessments done. We will be surveying both GPs and mothers to gather feedback on the ease and use of the software and the app.

In late June, the second release of CDHR functionality for the trial went live. It includes newborn details being sent from the acute maternity systems from Blacktown and Dubbo hospitals to the mother’s app. In early July we had the first newborn baby to be assessed digitally, with the newborn’s details flowing into the mother’s app. This is a significant achievement for the teams involved and great for the mum to see her baby’s information stored in the app. 

The next step is for participating Western NSW Health Community Health Centres to complete health check assessments - with no change to their current systems or workflow, and with the information flowing through to the consumer app on the mother’s phone.

Some of the health checks may happen using telehealth, and these trials give us the perfect opportunity to see how that works with this new technology.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the GPs and the consumers for their patience with continuing the trials during a global pandemic In this challenging environment we are grateful for the work that all parties continue to do to support our trials.

GP Best Practice Software - Child Health Check Assessment

GPs can use their existing practice software to access the structured form to record a health check assessment under the Paediatrics tab, as can be seen from the above screen shot. Once the fields have been filled out, the form is submitted to the Child Data Hub as a FHIR profile, and this information subsequently shows up on the mother’s consumer app. The form is purpose-built for this initiative and is based on the harmonised national data set for the health check assessments from the baby books.

Consumer app for Health Check Data so that mums can see what their children’s clinical information showed from their assessment with the GP, hospital or community centre.

Maternity software - newborn details

Midwives using existing software with no change to their existing workflow - all they have to do is register the child for an IHI and Medicare at birth.

This information connects to eMaternity and creates a child digital health record and newborn delivery details are sent to that record.

Community and Family Nursing - Child Health Check Assessments

Community nurses use their existing software with no change to their workflow. This enables a heath check assessment to be done and sent to the consumer app.

Note the above screenshots are the current systems that are used within NSW Health settings for the two participating areas, and none of their screens have changed to assist with this proof of concept. The information is being pulled directly from the back end of the system and checked to confirm participation of the consumer so that their details can then be sent through to the child data hub and presented in the mobile application. If there is no consumer consent, no details pass through to the Child Data Hub database.

Here is Alex (full name Alexander Lennard Bartley) who was born without any complication on Friday 31/07/20, 3.49kg. He was the second baby born to have a digital health check assessment. Both mum and baby are doing very well and we wish them all the best! Thank you to Mum Kelly for sharing!

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