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The National Digital Health Strategy The Framework for Action  Communities of Excellence


The National Digital Health Strategy Vision

Better health for all Australians enabled by safe, seamless, secure digital health services and technologies that provide a range of innovative, easy to use tools for both patients and providers.

Communities of Excellence

Communities of Excellence is focussed on improving digital health outcomes in Australian communities through the use of technology to deliver better quality healthcare. Find out more.


NCDHC Option 1_0

Learn about the innovative program that unites Australia’s leading experts in children’s health or subscribe to stay up to date with the latest news from the Children’s Collaborative. Read more.

Strategic Priorities

By 2022, the National Digital Health Strategy will deliver the essential, foundational elements of health information that can be safely accessed, easily utilised and shared.

Framework for Action

How Australia will deliver the benefits of digitally enabled health and care


Actions Across Australia

Delivering the benefits of digitally enabled healthcare together

Link to My Health Record case studies

My Health Record

Read how healthcare organisations, governments, and industry are working together to ensure all Australians have the opportunity to benefit from having health information that is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Link to Secure Messaging case studies

Interoperability and Data Quality

Learn more about the ability to move information easily between people, organisations and systems. High-quality data with a commonly understood meaning that can be used with confidence in the health sector.

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Link to Driving Innovation case studies

Driving Innovation

See how governments and healthcare providers are working together with the technology industry to foster a vibrant digital health industry in Australia, delivering world-class innovations to improve the lives of healthcare consumers.

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Key Themes

  • 1.

    Support me in making the right healthcare choices, and provide me with options

  • 2.

    Help all the people who care for me to understand me, and together, provide safe and personalised care

  • 3.

    Create an environment where my healthcare providers and I can use and benefit from innovative technologies

  • 4.

    Preserve my trust in the healthcare system and protect my rights

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